Canada 150: Confederation Delegation Tour 2017


The national Canada 150 Confederation Delegation Tour took place from May 30th to June 7th to raise support for the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Drumming Celebration.


A key part of the Confederation Delegation Tour was sharing with the communities the incredible contributions Chinese-Canadian veterans have made to our country. The tour was joined by World War II veterans to commemorate Canada’s 150 years of confederation, and raised awareness about the significant involvement of Chinese-Canadians in the creation of Canada.


The Canada 150 Confederation Delegation Tour visited eight cities that are hosting the Canada 150 Drumming celebration. In each city, a media conference and celebration was held to commemorative the exciting national initiative that is the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Drumming Celebration.


42 members from the Vancouver community went on this trip including: World War II Veterans and their caregivers, committee members,  and high school and university student lion and dragon dancers.

Confederation Tour Fun Facts:


  • May 30th to June 7th, 2017 – 9 days, 5 time zones


  • The tour began Vancouver with a flight to Halifax, then tour delegates travelled to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Regina, and Calgary before landing back in Vancouver


  • 42 Tour delegates spent a full day in each city, where a media press conference and welcome dinner took place


  • The Confederation tour delegates stopped at each city’s cemetery to pay respects to Chinese pioneers


  • The youngest confederation tour delegate is 14 years old, while the oldest is 96 years old


  • The 2 Chinese-Canadian veterans that went on the tour were:
  1. Howe Lee: Honorary Colonel with the Richmond-based 39 Service Battalion. He is also the founder, past president and current advisor to the Chinese Canadian Military Museum
  2. Tommy Wong: Served in the Second World War. Tommy Wong was a member of Force 136 in Southeast Asia.


  • 30 volunteers performed Chinese lion and dragon dances in each of the 8 cities


  • Chinese lions and dragons are symbols of power, wisdom, and good fortune. Their performance is said to bring happiness, longevity, and good luck


  • May 27th’s blessing ceremony for the brand new dragon and lions was held to bring good luck to the confederation tour delegates