Community Drums to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration Project
“An All Canadian World Record Drumming Celebration”

Canadian communities across and throughout Canada come together and drum to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017! The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society took initiative in organizing the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration project, which proposes a series of regional drumming events that will occur simultaneously across Canada, to form a dynamic National Drumming Event occurring on Canada Day, July 1st, 2017.

Spearheaded by a consortium of individuals and groups in the Chinese Canadian communities in eight cities across the country, including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver, the project will engage all Canadians and residents to participate in a celebratory burst of patriotism on Canada’s 150th birthday. This unified Canada 150 Drumming activity can be done on any variety of drums – hand drums, snare drums, steel drums, Highland drums, what have you – even pots and pans. And it’s free! This commemorative, fun event will demonstrate the inclusive, multicultural society that Canada is all about. With proper registration and validation, we are working to achieve recognition in the Guinness World Records as “the largest geographic area of simultaneous drumming for a national day celebration”.

In concert with seven regional committees across Canada, the National Committee has already received support from over 200 community organizations across Canada in this collaborative initiative. Conceived by a dedicated group of volunteers, the event provides a platform for sponsors, donors, drummers, and volunteers alike to take in the patriotic spirit. What will you be doing on July 1st, 2017? Click here to be part of it!